Uh oh. Empty anxiety meds. 

So I found out this morning that I can end up sending myself into a anxiety attack because I don’t have my anxiety meds. I woke up and went to take my meds, only to find that my anxiety meds were empty!

I was sure I had refilled them!

So I started calling my pharmacist and R walked in. I told him I was trying not to panic because I was out of meds. He said he had a big bag of stuff he filled from all the clutter on my desk. So, he got the bag, dug through it a bit, and poof there was a brand spanking new thing of precious, precious anxiety meds.

So now I’ve got all my medications and I’m good to go for the day. Oh yeah.

Did I mention that my husband cleaned my desk from super cluttered mess to nearly spotless, and I totally didn’t even notice?

My poor husband does so much for me that I miss but ultimately appreciate. Now I can work on more music easier!

Have a beautiful day sunshines.

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