What’s With The High Level of Trans Suicide Rates?

We have seen a lot of it, now that trans people have more media attention. Suicide after suicide after fucking suicide. There are too many of my brothers and sisters that are killing themselves, but…


See, this phenomenon is being used by people that hate us to show that trans people are just mentally disturbed in the first place. I mean, if we are committing and attempting suicide at much higher rates than the community at large, obviously we’ve got some serious issues, and being trans is part of that. So we need to make sure trans people don’t transition because that’s just part of their mental illness. I mean, it’s obvious right?

No, not even close, and I don’t care if you like or understand trans people, listen up and listen close.

You see this same thing happen across the queer community as a whole, it just seems to be pervasively high in trans communities. The reason this happens isn’t because being trans is our own debilitating mental illness, it’s not. It sucks really bad for some of us (but not for others) but the dysphoria that trans people have isn’t the cause for suicide.

It’s being treated like trash.
It’s being kicked out of your parent’s house, because you dare not be “normal”
It’s having to hear that your parents, who said they would love you no matter what, tell you they hate you, and you are disgusting.
It’s being religious and trans, and being told again, and again, and again, and again that you are definitely going to hell for your disgusting ways.
It’s having your parents be ripped to shreds when you’re a kid because they dared let you transition young.
It’s being harassed, raped, beat up, and degraded because you’re trans.
It’s having your ability to take a piss become a political issue.
It’s being told you’re only “being trans” to be a creeper.
It’s being told that “trannies are child molesters.”
It’s the incredible difficulty of getting a job.
It’s losing chances for housing.
It’s not being able to get medical care.
It’s being the one that has to teach your medical provider how to take medical care of trans people every single time.
It’s being turned away by medical providers.
It’s having to teach your counselors.
It’s being in the hospital and being laughed at, or not being cared for, or both because you’re trans.
It’s having people consistently degrade you because they will only use incorrect pronouns.
It’s having a tough time with relationships, because people are wary of dating trans people.
It’s having a tough time with relationships because of statements like “Wow, you’re a boy with your clothes off.”
It’s the fact that, for the most part, it’s been LGB and T when it’s convenient.
It’s having your own supposed allies, the gay and lesbian community not be willing to understand.
It’s being a trans woman and being told you’re just a confused gay boy.
It’s being a trans man and being told you’re just a confused butch lesbian.

It’s having things like this happen so often , and things like this being so hurtful that I can’t help but cry as I write this.

It’s being torn down every fucking day of your life. You can only suffer so much pain, so much abuse before you snap.

It’s the way that you are treated. People can only take so much of being treated worse than trash. Those of you who continue to be nasty and cruel to trans people, it’s you. Your unwillingness to at least be accepting, even if begrudgingly. Those of you who prefer to torture trans people. Those of you who try to regulate our abilities to live. Their blood is on your hands.

What’s worse, is I know you know that, and I know you don’t care. I’ve seen the comments sections. I’ve seen so many of the nasty people celebrate the suicide of another trans person.

Yes, there are people who celebrate our deaths. Both at our own hands, and at the hands of others.

The revel in it. Laugh about it. Enjoy every minute of it.

And then they have the gall to say we kill ourselves because we’re miserable with being trans, because being trans is a mental illness…

Those of you who think like this. You’re wrong, and you’re disgusting.

And yet… I can’t help but wish the best for you, because I couldn’t fathom treating someone like trash.

Have a beautiful day sunshines. I love you. Please, treat others well.


5 thoughts on “What’s With The High Level of Trans Suicide Rates?

  1. I had a nasty experience a while ago. I was depressed and thinking about killing myself and was being assessed to see if I needed to be hospitalized. But they didn’t have any idea how to handle trans people, especially with respect to housing (whether to put me with the men or the women, how to handle room-mates). I got the impression that them not knowing what to do with me was a factor in the decision not to admit me, and when I left I was feeling more suicidal than I was when I went in. I did at least have some family I could stay with for a while, but there were some scary moments.

    I did eventually (many months later) find a place I could go to that actually has a clue about trans people, but feeling like I didn’t have the same access to crisis resources as other people (both in the sense of being able to access them at all, and in the sense of them being as useful–being misgendered and afraid of discrimination and/or lack of support from staff does not make for a therapeutic environment) was a huge source of stress for me, especially as I got closer to needing those resources.

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    1. Midori, I’m so sorry. It’s likely that’s why they didn’t admit you. I hope, if there have been other interactions that they went better. Unfortunately your story is not uncommon. Medical facilities are far behind on what they know. I’m glad that you’ve made it to this point though. Thank you for sharing and for reading.

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      1. Well, there were a few good things that came out of it, not least of which was figuring out how to advocate for myself better (insisting on a single room, or a double with no room-mate, in the ward for my actual gender, or asking to be transferred somewhere else). That, and one of my family members made a formal complaint (I would have liked to do so myself, but I wasn’t really in a good place to deal with that on top of everything else), and they actually responded by saying they would do some training for the staff on trans stuff. I don’t know how good the actual training was, but it was still a pretty promising response. I mean, I still don’t want anything to do with that facility any more, but at least it might be a little better for the next person.

        The place I found more recently was actually pretty on top of stuff. I was impressed. They have a policy to give transgender patients a room with no room-mate, and they used my proper name and pronouns (one staff member used the wrong pronouns accidentally once or twice, but they did seem to be genuinely trying). It was such a relief to find a place I could go to where I could just concentrate on the problems I was actually there for, and not be constantly worrying about potential or actual discrimination.

        Anyway, it’s pretty stupid, how trans people have a much higher rate of suicide or suicide attempts, and yet the very resources designed to help prevent suicides are less accessible to us.

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