Meet the super crap mouse trap

It’s about that time in my part of the world, where it gets cold, and the mice come venturing in. Eating your food, and pooping all over the place. I’m an animal lover, but, we get so many mice, I can’t use live catch, I have to make sure that these cute, but highly frustrating and sometimes dangerous (via disease) pests/creatures get gone. I use snap traps consistently. I always get the originals, they work well, and fast, they kill them quickly, so while yes, they’re dying (and it does make me sad) it’s very quick and *hopefully* painless.

So, I decided I would try these, the Trapper Mini T-Rex Easy Set Mouse Snap Trap. They set easier, and are safer with the kids and animals around. The very first thing I noticed with these is, it didn’t seem to snap real hard on my finger (yes I totally tested that. There’s no way I wasn’t going to with a 2 year old around.) I was a little worried, but didn’t think too much of it. Then it caught the first mouse, who was all fucked up but still alive. I felt absolutely horrible. R ended up having to kill it, and I thought he was going to be sick…

So we thought, okay, that was a fluke, we will try it again. They caught three more mice, and didn’t kill one, not a single one! Every single one of these four poor mice had to sit there with a partially broken neck, in extreme pain, trying to escape… Scared and hurting. I cried so hard about it. Then of course, there was poor R, who had to put all of them out of their misery, I couldn’t do it. He felt so sick and so horrible. So the verdict on these:

I hate these things. I absolutely hate it with the burning passion of a thousand suns, plus that of pissed off animal lovers, and that’s a lot of fucking passion.

I’m not a fan of using snap traps in the first place, because they kill, and that sucks, but I also have to reasonably protect my area, and they can carry too many diseases that could seriously harm or even kill my babies (fuzzy and not).

I absolutely do not, in any circumstances whatsoever, unless you are cruel and heartless and like to see things suffer – but then at that point, fuck you – do not get these traps. They are horrible and cruel.

Sorry about the sad post, I still hope you have a beautiful day sunshines.

3 thoughts on “Meet the super crap mouse trap

  1. Ew. That’s horrible.

    Have you tried the plug-in thing that scares mice / roaches away with sound but is also pet friendly? Here in Texas, I have to set roach traps, but I also use a sound device. They’re not very expensive and don’t kill anything.

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    1. We have soooooooooo many mice in the winter, and they are everywhere. In the last week, we’ve caught 8 or 9 mice, and there’s a bunch of others still. I like the idea, and I prefer no kill, but there’s too many to chance getting my babies sick.


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