So, you want to date a poly girl…

I love this! As many of you know, I’m in an open relationship where the current rules are no other relationships. It makes it incredibly difficult to communicate the want for something other than getting laid (usually). I still would prefer to have a friendship with the person, I would still prefer it be with someone I know and trust.
Relationship or not, just because you’re poly, doesn’t mean you’re easy.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

Guys, some of us girls have found out your secrets. We know that there are a lot of you who use online dating sites to find Ms. Right Now with little intention of finding Ms. Right. We know you will indicate you want a relationship, you will say lovely things until you get us into bed, then most likely, you will not text again.

Here are a couple of girl secrets. A lot of girls also want Mr. Right Now and really do not want you to text two days after the first (and only) hook-up. We will subtly indicate our willingness for a less-than-serious relationship in our profile status. We will say things like we enjoy kissing, or on our list of 10 things we cannot live without we will include sex or condoms. We will answer the question, “How many dates have to pass before you sleep with…

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