The Beauty of Pseudonyms

Writing pseudonymously helps allow me to really put out exactly what I think and feel. It’s easier to be essentially anonymous when I want to get the things out of my head. I guess you could say that in a way, it’s a security blanket. A firewall of sorts from judgment. It’s not that it never happens, but it’s directed toward Ivy, who is, in a way, much tougher than I am. I, as Ivy am a badass, and love it! Though… I’ve never been able to achieve the same personal hardiness outside of my pseudonymous life.

I’m glad to be able to get my thoughts out. To have them read and heard, but I don’t think I could do it without Ivy for the time being. It’s been good to gather more readers, and I’m very glad for all of you.

I hope I’m able to bring you content that you love, and that is totally, unapologetically real.

Enjoy sunshines! Have a beautiful day.


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