Trans Generalizations

So here’s a… lovely… article about a recent decision in Houston, Texas to shoot down an equal rights ordinance that covered 15 different classes of people.


Well, one, it’s Texas.

Two, the only focus from the people that voted to flush it down the shitter was trans women, or as they like to figure it “those creepy cross dressers that want to play peeping tom in the bathroom.”

Okay, so first of all: I JUST WANT TO PEE FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!! How hard is this to figure out? Okay. I just needed to get that out. *big sigh*

Look, I have more problems with people trying to figure out what’s in my pants. I would never consider trying to make myself privy to someone else’s piddle parts. I just want to be able to pee in the safest place possible.

It can be incredibly dangerous for trans people to use the wrong bathrooms.

Also, little do these people know, but this is what they are wanting to happen:


I’m sure that they would be pleased to see him in the women’s restroom, but hey, since he has a vagina, that’s where he’s supposed to be, right?

Speaking of transmen:

There was absolutely no debate from the side vilifying transwomen about them. In fact I really don’t think these people know that transmen exist. They are so busy trying to vilify women like myself that they are completely blind to the reality of things.

These people need to remember that shitty people are going to do shitty things regardless of the laws.

Laws like these are in place to stop shitty people from being assholes to other people they don’t agree with. This thing covered a lot of ground, such as employment and housing discrimination, and yes, bathroom discrimination.

I really wish I could sit down with people with this mindset and have a serious heart to heart with them. I know I don’t use the nicest language toward anyone that thinks and acts like this, and I feel I have every right to be absolutely pissed…

…but I’m not a heartless bitch.

I love being able to change people’s minds, and let them understand that I’m just as flawed, perfect, loving, spiteful, honest, lying, ugly, beautiful and human as they are.

I’ve met some awesome people that way. My absolute best friend was a super homophobic, transphobic asshole beyond most comprehension! He didn’t even know trans people existed, he just had a serious problem with some fucked in the head dude deciding cross dressing was a good idea.

He wouldn’t even go to the bar I went to with me, because he didn’t want to chance being hit on by a guy, he would “deck them if they tried.”

Well… Then I transitioned. We had known each other for about a year at that point, and I was afraid to tell him,

I couldn’t possibly guess why.

Anyway, he is now my biggest defender. He’s still confused, and doesn’t quite get it, but he gets it enough and I feel safer going out places with him, because I know he will protect me.

I want to be able to do that with more people. Get them to understand that I’m just another person. I’m not a creeper (I fucking hate creepers), I’m just another person with a situation different from other people. *shrugs*

The take away message to this rant:

You don’t have to understand to care. It’s no different for trans people than it is for anyone else. We all go through our own shit, and it’s hard enough without people trying to tear us down. Just get all hippy up in this mother fucker and love each other. Alright?

Have a beautiful day sunshines.

3 thoughts on “Trans Generalizations

  1. All the comments I was seeing from people I know from Homeschoolers Anonymous were like, “wait, Houston has a lesbian mayor, but they won’t vote against bathroom discrimination because they’re afraid of child abuse?” ….Yup.

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    1. Well, unfortunately GBLT, in reality, is mostly GBL. T is it’s own thing all together. We don’t tend to equate when it comes to the views of straight/cis people, but then we also don’t fit into the GBL community in a lot of places, because we have just as many discrimination problems.


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