Books, Movies, Games and Music of Pure Awesomeness

I read a post today called What I’m Into – October from fellow blogger Laurie Works. She’s awesome, you should go check her out.

Anyway, it’s all about a group of things that she likes. So, I decided I had to run with the idea, so here goes:

From The Corner of His Eye – Dean Koontz

So, I’m obsessed with Dean Koontz. I have been for a long time. Not like, creepy stalk him until he either marries me or throws me in jail. I’m not planning on going all Misery on him, but obsessed none-the-less. This book is one of his best ones, it’s a long read, clocking in at a little over 900 pages, but well worth every bit of it. The protagonists and antagonist are all very real characters. The antagonist is one of the creepiest one’s I’ve met. He’s so well written, he’s completely and totally insane, and yet, you see him from his own eyes, and the way he justifies his life, and the way he sees things is truly, jaw droppingly disturbing. If you are in for a read that will keep you turning the pages and consequently losing sleep for a few days, pick this up quick. You should be able to find it pretty easy at any used book store.

A Universe From Nothing – Lawrence Krauss

This book is a mind bending adventure in understanding, or at least trying to, theoretical physics, and how the big bang may have happened. It breaks down how the idea of nothing as we know it, the absolute absense of something, doesn’t exist. There is something within what we think of as nothing at all times, it’s just not necessarily visible, or there for very long. Even after reading this book, I’m still quite confused, but it was a really good read, and it is definitely understandable for the most part. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in physics, space and astrophysics. I found it on Amazon, you’ll likely find it in book stores as well.

Myths, Mysteries and Magic by Karen Stollznow

From incantations to graphology and everything inbetween, welcome to the world of langauge in the mystical realm. Written by lingust Karen Stollznow, this book delves into and debunks many of the myriad uses we have in mystical language. It’s a very entertaining and informative read. It isn’t preachy, and it isn’t droll. It’s very fun, and if you enjoy language in any capacity, I highly recommend it. I found this on Amazon as well, but perhaps it’s in your local bookstore.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
gilbert-grapeWhat’s the deal Ivy? This movie is soooo 90s.
Yes grumpy imaginary reader, indeed it is. I saw it for the first time about a week ago though! It’s a beautiful movie about Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp), a young man who watches over his mentally challenged younger brother *NAME* (Lenardo DiCaprio). It is so beautiful and, after all the movies I’ve seen over the years with Leo in it, I think this is probably his best role. Being that it was released on VHS, I’m sure you can find it in one of those $1 VHS racks that you find at lots of stores and garage sales. Then again it may be easier to find on Amazon or EBay.

The Last of Us
the-last-of-usThis game is going to take your heart and emotions, rip them out and stomp all over them. I bawled my eyes out, and I got laughing pretty good as well. This is hands down the best RPG that I have ever played. The gameplay is fantastically intuitive, the characters are so well thought out and so very, very real.
The setting is 20 years after a fungal outbreak that takes over the human mind and slowly mutates them into the fungus itself, all the while driving them crazier and more violent. What is left of the world survives in quarantine zones. You play as Joel. A late 40s, early 50s man with a past that has left him rather jaded about the world. Joel smuggles things in and out of the city with his partner Tess. They end up meeting up with the leader of a rebel group called The Fireflies, who contracts them to smuggle a teenage girl named Ellie out of the city, but won’t tell them why. The rest of the story is for you to find out. There are a lot of tense moments, and it’s very graphic, though I think all of it adds to the game, rather than being unnecessarily over the top. You can find it on PSN for the Ps3 for $20, and they released a revised edition for PS4.


The best way to sum this game up as short as possible? Pants shittingly terrifying. If you are looking for one of the most perfect horror games of all time, I’m pretty sure this is it. I just happened to stumble across it one day when looking for scary games, and I couldn’t help but check it out, the reviews were just too good. You play as a journalist who is digging into a letter he got from an anonymous source about a mental health institute that had been bought out company with a shady past. It’s visually stunning, the introductory setting is the outside of the institute with the sun setting in the background and it manages to be super creepy and quite beautiful at the same time. You can find this amazing PC game for $20 online, and if you want to go the download route, they sell it at

Blue Stahli – Anti-You
If you are religious and don’t prefer to hear anything that is against religion, go ahead and skip this song, it’s definitely not for you. Everyone else, enjoy.

X-Ambassadors – Unsteady
I have listened to this song so often on repeat. It’s just absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just beautiful, but honestly it’s also quite sad.

21 Pilots – Stressed Out
You know the angsty teenager music that we listened to? Well, this, I think, is officially the angsty song of the late 20s crowd! It’s not actually whiny like a lot of what we listened to as teenagers. The lyrics are fantastic, and this is another one that’s been stuck on repeat.

I hope that you have enjoyed this list, and hopefully you’ve found something new to check out! Take care, and have a beautiful day sunshines!


2 thoughts on “Books, Movies, Games and Music of Pure Awesomeness

  1. I love the Unsteady song! Beautiful!
    Also I think my boyfriend has played the Last of Us… I seem to remember him mentioning it, and that storyline sounds like something he’d play in a heartbeat. We need a system – he got rid of his PS3 a while ago and we’re both jonesing to play.

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