The Joy of Headlines: More Violence, Let’s Blame It On Black People and Their Culture… WTF?

Tonight on Fox News at 9. Growing violence problems in a small town. More about the rising gang issues our community faces.

The town that I live in had a shooting the other day. It had nothing to do with gang violence. Though the timing of this news piece seems to coincide pretty well… My town is also predominantly white, and yet, as they had the radio advertisement about the growing violence problem, what did they have as background music? If you said hip hop beat, you win… something. I don’t know what. Fox News never uses rap or hip hop music, except when talking about the violence within out cities. I am so tired of shit like this. It makes me so mad…

I don’t have a hell of a place to be speaking about much of anything when it comes to racism. That is best left to the voices of those that are on the receiving end of it. I’m not lost to the idea of systematic racism though, and it’s incredibly frustrating to see all these little things, bit by bit that add up.

It’s hard to point them out too, because people who don’t see the whole look at all these little examples and go “why are you bitching about this?” Those complaining about it are just considered to be a whiny ass “overly PC social justice warrior.”

Can we just stop with framing black and latino people and their cultures as violent and scary? How about we just fucking frame people as people and stop with this shit? Yes, there are people that look different than you, dress different than you, talk different than you, and it’s fine if it’s odd to you because it’s not what you’re used to, but to turn it into something inherently negative, overly violent, and stupid is really fucked up.

I was in the goth scene for a long time. So I can understand some of it. I’d get all the looks. You know, I was obviously the next Eric and Dylan. Whatever school I went to was going to obviously be the next Columbine. People were afraid of me because I looked different, dressed different, listened to different music. I understand it to some extent, but I can not fathom how it must be to be treated like that regardless of what you wear. To be treated like that, and worse, because you dare have been born with a darker skin color than somebody else. It’s so fucked up and upsetting, and this is just another example of the same bullshit.

In other news:

I hope you have a beautiful day sunshine, and may you help someone else have a beautiful day.


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