Dollars, Sense and… GMOs?

I’m not actually going to cover a lot of the pro or anti GMO talking points. Today, we’re going to talk about numbers. Specifically money, and debunking a particular claim.

The claim is that Monsanto pays off scientists to do their bidding and make GMOs look safe, when they really aren’t.

The focus? Monsanto pays off scientists.

So how does Monsanto fair in terms of how much they make. In fact… How much do they make, to pay off all these scientists? They must be one of the biggest corporations in the world… Right? RIGHT?! OF COURSE THEY ARE DAMMIT!!

gross_revenue_monsanto_plus_others_chartChart courtesy of Franklin Veaux

Wait a minute, that can’t be right! They make less than $50 billion a year? They make about as much as Whole Foods?! Heresy and bullshit I say!

Nope, that’s right. We can even look at Monsanto’s quarterly earning reports for their investors, which you can find here. (All numbers are 2015)
Q1: 1.4B gross profit
Q2: 3.04B gross profit
Q3: 2.736B gross profit
Q4: 0.996B gross profit as of 10/17/15
Combined profit: 8.172B

Alright… I know they can pay off all their scientists with their profits, so lets figure out how much a scientist will allow themselves to put their entire careers, licenses and degrees on the line for. Those shady bastards.

So let’s see, every single major scientific association in the world deems GMOs safe, including the WHO (stupid sheep), so there are a lot of scientists right there, then there are the independent studies, and of course the studies funded by the corporation itself.

After a carefully studied review of the top organizations, done by yours truly using Google University, I’ve come to the conclusion that there would be a minimum of 291,322 scientists to pay off. This number is a collection of me hunting down the member numbers of the scientific associations provided on the list in this post by Genetic Literacy Project. This is by far not the only people that would have to be paid off, nor are we talking about the funding that would go into the thousands of studies that have been done showing the safety of GMOs but… I’ll let that slide for now.

So. The numbers. We’ve got 291,000 (I’ll cut some of them out to be nice) and $10B in profit (rounding up to be nice). That means that these people are more than willing to put their entire careers on the line for a whopping…

Oh. The suspense. What is it? I know they make a lot.

$34,364.26 a year… And Monsanto has no extra profits.

Wait? What?!

That is a ridiculously low amount of money, and no company is going to use all their profits for, well, anything. They are going to keep that profit and build it. Anything else would be financial suicide.

So, when you say that all the scientists that support GMOs by an overwhelming consensus are all paid shills for Monsanto, look at the numbers and realize one simple thing.


Thank you and have a beautiful day.


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