Playstation and Poverty

I’ve got 5 kids and no money, it’s hard to make sure everyone eats, much less eats well for the whole month, and I’m crying over possibly losing a PS3. What the hell Ivy? Well, please, before you judge, let me explain.

It’s not so much the PS3 as the symbology within it. Once again I may lose one of the very few nice things in my life.

See, I’m poor, pretty much always have been. My entire adult life I’ve struggled to hold a job and keep control of my mental illness. I’m to the point where I’m stable with both, but I still make no money. I work my ass off to scrape by, and don’t have anything extra. I got a PS3 as a birthday present a couple of years ago, and just before that a friend gave me a 32″ TV for free because they were upgrading. It was so nice and I’m so grateful. I’m a gamer and my kids love games, so it makes sense that I was really excited about the PS3. It’s not just a game machine though.

– It’s a way to keep in contact with some people.

– It’s our DVD/Blu-Ray player.

– We dare splurge $12 a month for Netflix, and this is how we watch it on something other than a tiny computer screen.

For me though, the absolute most important thing is that it’s a momentary escape. I can get lost in a whole different world, my kids can forget the fact that they’re eating ramen for the 7th time this month because we can’t afford anything else. They can escape to a world where they can do anything, and they aren’t shackled down by the constant answer of “I’m sorry baby, but we can’t afford it.” They can be superheroes and super-villains. They can save the world, or they can explore that damn patch of grass for the thousandth time.

And I may have to take that away from them because “I’m sorry baby, but we can’t afford it.”

Let’s back up a minute to understand how we got to this point.

In June, we had an expensive month. It was supposed to be a month with extra money, but we didn’t get paid and we had to use our own funds for a project we promised to do. We got behind on bills and haven’t been able to recover since. We paid the minimum due on our utilities, which still leaves us way behind, and we paid our trash bill. That put us at just enough money to *hopefully* get through until the next paycheck. Well, we made a simple human mistake and forgot a bill that is auto-paid. That came out the next day, and now we’re stuck with no money to get the kids to school or myself to work.

When you’re poor, all it takes is a simple little mistake like that. All it takes is one month of spending just a bit too much, regardless of reason, and you will pay for it for a long time. We’re four months running, and I don’t see getting caught up any time soon.

**EDIT 10/16/15
We did find a way to get to the next paycheck without selling the Playstation. So that’s cool. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


10 thoughts on “Playstation and Poverty

  1. Wow. I’m sorry that you’re struggling so much and hope that it becomes easier for you in time. I’m a gamer myself so understand that, though this might sound odd to some, it’s actually quite a loss. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…until it picks up for you. 🙂

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      1. Haters are always gonna hate and as soon as I started blogging I decided that whatever reaction I got I should just keep going. I myself discuss things that I understand people may not get but it comes from me and I’ll carry on. The same should be the same for you so if it’s important to you then dicuss it. I’d hate to lose my computers now and,m in this modern age, we’ve come to rely on them a lot more than we used to. I like your blog. Keep it up 🙂

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  2. Wow, ouch!

    I really love your posts so far… have you considered starting a Patreon for your blog? It might help you get some extra funds on the side.


    1. Hi! Thank you. I do know of Patreon, I haven’t really thought of it for the blog seeing as it’s a whole week old. I figured if I did that I would make sure that I continued to blog first and go from there.

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